Performance by DRM

There are many aspects which affect the performance of your car - the following areas are of most importance!


Correct geometry is essential for optimising the speed of your car. Traditionally there are many methods of setting geometry ranging from stringing where a box is created (with strings) around the vehicle and then measurements are taken from the string to various points. This method can obtain reasonably accurate results but is dependent upon the operator ensuring that readings are taken perpendicular to the strings!

Various equipment i.e laser, optical, drive over etc can again be reasonably accurate assuming correct operation by the user however most of these devices make measurements with the road wheels fitted to the vehicle and it becomes very easy to incorporate errors in rims etc into the measurements being made resulting in inaccurate results!

DRM Bespoke geometry system

Our geometry system incorporates the industry standard Biessbarth alignment system, as used by most serious race teams

The Biessbarth is used with our bespoke dummy wheel system (developed in conjunction with a leading F1 team) which ensures absolute accuracy and repeatability. The absence of wheels on the vehicle make for easier adjustments and a faster process.

The latest evolution of DRM dummy wheels incorporate load cells which are capable of a +- 2 GRAM accuracy (Most vehicle weighing systems measure in increments of 500 grams)! This allows us (where adjustment possible) to corner weight the car with extreme accuracy and without the restriction of wheels getting in the way.

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